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Standard Grants Upper Limits have Increased

From the 24 March 2024 the upper limits for Standard Grants has increased from £300 to £375 for individuals and from £600 to £750 for Organisations

The Centenary

Celebrating 100 Years

To mark the Centenary of Williams’ birth(31 Aug 1921) the Raymond Williams Foundation proudly supported a special programme of activities with the aim of reintroducing some of Williams’ key ideas to contemporary publics.


Through the development of a set of new, freely accessible, resources and by supporting collective dialogue about the contemporary relevance of Williams’ work the Centenary programme aims to foster a renewed public understanding of the ‘long revolution’ today.


The Raymond Williams Foundation supports what Williams termed the ‘Long Revolution’ towards ‘an educated and participating democracy’ through its involvement in adult education and collective community-based learning.

To see "What Raymond Williams Means to Me" by members of his family, colleagues such as Terry Eagleton, Derek Tatton and those who have been influenced by him such as politician Leanne Wood and poet John Barnie go to the Centenary page where you can also find media explaining some of Williams' ideas.


“To be truly radical is to make hope possible rather than despair convincing”

Raymond Williams

“There are in fact no masses, but only ways of seeing people as masses.”

Raymond Williams

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