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Contains media about Raymond Williams and explaining some of his work

Border Country:Raymond Williams inAdult Education
Edited by John Mcllroy and Sallie Westwood

This volume brings together a collection of writings from 1946-61 by Raymond Williams, a British university adult educator. Section 1 is a brief account by McIlroy of Williams' involvement in teaching adults, his intellectual influences, and the relationship of his educational and intellectual life to his personal experience and political concerns. Section 2 is a selection of Williams' published work that documents his chief intellectual concerns. It presents 14 writings ranging from pieces in the journals "Politics and Letters" and "The Critic" through early essays on the theme of culture and society to his review of "The Uses of Literacy," an extended dialogue with Richard Hoggart, and a contemporary evaluation of the New Left. Section 3 illustrates the changing curriculum and methods of literature teaching in university adult education and illuminates, in 12 articles on teaching culture and environment, public expression and film criticism, the beginnings of today's cultural studies. Section 4 is a series of 15 essays in which Williams analyzes contemporary controversies and concerns in adult education and reflects on the philosophy and purpose of adult education. Section 5, Retrospect and Prospect, contains an essay by McIlroy integrating Williams' intellectual production with his role as a tutor in adult education and a discussion by Westwood of Williams' later book, "Towards 2000." An index is provided. (YLB)

Derek Tatton Interview for Radio Swindon 2010

Derek outlines the impact of Raymond Williams on 20th century cultural life. What the aims are of the Raymond Williams Foundation. What we are doing in the Learning Revolution Discussion Circles project and what type of informal discussion groups are operating throughout the UK

Derek Tatton interview
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The Raymand Williams Society Annual Lecture 2011 

The Lecturer is Anthony Barnett and the Subject is "The Long and the Quick of Revolution"



Video of comments after lecture


The Keywords Project

Raymond Williams Keywords is an ongoing project run by the University of Pittsburg. This is an interesting well run website giving a bibliogrphy of Williams' work as well as the continuing work on Keywords

These three books are recommended especially for the reasons given:

Border Country - Raymond Williams in Adult Education 
Edited by John McIlroy and Sallie Westwood   (NIACE, 1993)  is central to RWF’s aims.

Raymond Williams - Writing, Culture, Politics 
By Alan O’Connor  (Blackwell, 1989)  offers an invaluable RW bibliography

Raymond Williams - A Warrior’s Tale 
By Dai Smith  (Parthian, 2008) has already established itself as a major biographical study

Reading Raymond Williams in 2012

This is an interesting & helpful article by Steve Woodhams 

Archives, Papers and Collections on Raymond Williams

This is the beginning of an ongoing listing of sites where the work of Raymond Williams may be researched. Contributions detailing further resources, particularly outside the British and Irish Isles are encouraged

Raymond Williams @ The Literary Encyclopaedia

The entry for Williams at this web based progressive encyclopaedia affords discussion of his contribution to literary and cultural theory, but includes links not only to recent publications, including Dai Smith's biography, A Warrior Tale, but to political events contemporary  to the life of the writer.

To read the full article you need to join (£12.50 pa).

'Raymond Williams and education - a slow reach again for control', Josh Cole, (2008) 
The encyclopaedia of informal education

This article deals directly with the relevance of Raymond Williams to learning broadly and to adult education, in particular. Josh Cole develops an examination and argument which Federation members are well placed to continue.

'The Chinese Reception of Raymond Williams' by Yin Qiping. Article in The Cambridge Quarterly, 2012.

Special issue on 'Cambridge English and China: A Conversation.
Yin Qiping writes about RW and 'Space, Cultural Materialism and Structure of Feeling'.

The Long Revolution Revisited’. Michael Rustin.Soundings 35, Spring 2007.

In this article Mike Rustin argues that Williams' political and intellectual project summarised by the term 'long revolution', has not been lost in the adverse conditions of recent years, and remains an objective to which progressive efforts need to renew commitment. However Rustin sees public or civic learning as having contracted even as higher education as grown.


Teaching culture: the long revolution in cultural studies National Institute of Adult Continuing Education 
 Nannette Aldred ed  ISBN 1862010455

This book contains a range of contributions, some describing practical interventions of the form anticipated by the Federation while others go on to raise theoretical questions concerning teaching, politics, and making effective interventions. 

"Raymond Williams's Communicative Ideal" by Daniel Hartley
Revisiting three key texts, published sixty years ago. What do they have to say to us today? 
Three blog posts by Emeritus Professor at Loughborough University David Buckingham